IT Assistance

Where to go for help

  • Talk to your teacher to see if they can help
  • If your teacher can’t help, take your netbook/laptop (in its protective case) to the IT Technicians (office located near the canteen)
  • Tell the technicians as much information as you can about the problem
  • If the issue cannot be resolved at that time, check back with the technicians the next morning (or when advised to do so) to check on the progress and/or collect your netbook


  • Carry your netbook in the protective carry case at all times when moving around the College and to/from school
  • If storing in bag for a short time (eg. Recess or between classes), you can just close lid. If you need to store it for a longer time, you must shut it down as it can overheat (ie. lunchtime = shut down)
  • Refer to handouts in your pack regarding charging up and battery care
  • If you need technical support, you must take your netbook to the IT Office in the bag
  • Put own keytag/name tag on bag for easy identification
  • Treat with care…no stickers except name label