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College Board Election Results for 2017

Parent Representatives: 

Katrina MacDonald (President)

Franz Mahr

Eliza-Jane Phillips

Jenny Ballard (Vice President)

Lisa Amalfi-Chiera

Staff Representatives:

Heather Worrall

Jenny Pudney (Treasurer)

Michael Caspar

Department of Education & Training Representatives:

Karen Lee (Principal)

Heather Worrall (Assistant Principal)

*Jarrod Main (Assistant Principal)

*Wendy Eames (Business Manager)

*The above staff will be non-voting observers.

Community Representatives:

Lorraine Holt  (Village Baxter )

*Cate Nelson ( Village Baxter)

Darryl Sutcliffe (Bendigo Bank)

Student Representatives:

College Captains to rotate this position over the course of the year.

Caitlyn Green

Ashley Green

Tessa Kent

Tyler Stewart


Karen Lee