The College Board

If you would like to submit an expression of interest in joining the College Board at any time, please telephone or email Barbara Douglass (Business Manager) on 5971 6000 or at

The Mount Erin College Board is the governing body of Mount Erin College. As such it has responsibility for the overall smooth running and financial integrity of the College. The College Board comprises three parent representatives, 4 DEECD employee representatives (plus the Principal, who serves as the Executive Officer) and 3 community representatives.

College Board meets on the evening of the third Tuesday of the month, at the College. Meetings last approximately two hours. Tenure of each Board member, with the exception of the Principal, is 2 years. Elections are held annually for vacant positions.

President Parent RepresentativeKatrina McDonald
Executive Officer PrincipalKaren Lee
Staff RepresentativeHeather Worrall
Staff RepresentativeJenny Pudney
Staff RepresentativeMichael Caspar
Parent RepresentativeFranz Mahr
Parent RepresentativeJenny Ballard
Parent RepresentativeAngela Stacey
Parent RepresentativeEliza-Jade Phillips
Community RepresentativesJodie Jones, Operations Director - Sub Acute Services, Peninsula Health
Community RepresentativeLorraine Holt, Cate Nelson (Village Baxter)
College Captains (Rotated)Emily Cheasly, Emma Tkalcevic, Mia Rudski, Vincent Pidal
Non-voting observersBarbara Douglass, Lauren Armstrong