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International Student Information for our prospective International Students     

DEECD and CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K

Mount Erin College is an accredited International school with the vision to provide our International students with a range of social, cultural and educational experiences that only a school of 938 students can provide. Being of modest size Mount Erin College can provide a more individual approach to all its students. Mount Erin College is situated in a semi rural environment which allows students and staff alike to enjoy the relaxed, safe and eco friendly campus.

Mount Erin College not only provides a harmonious college environment but it also provides a rich academic curriculum which has enabled Mount Erin’s Year 12 academic results to be in the top 3 Government Colleges in the region. The International Students Program is an integral aspect of the College. We warmly embrace the diversity and culturally rich backgrounds of our International students. Monash University is only 1.5 km away which provides the world recognised courses and facilities of a modern University post Year 12.

  • Our school is located in the beach side suburb of Frankston which is only one hour from Melbourne.
  • Mount Erin College can place as many students as you can provide to our International program.
  • We can also provide students the opportunity to have short term study tours to our school which can provide a wonderful experience of Australian life style highlighting English and culture.
  • Monash University has a Schools Access Monash (SAM) program with Mount Erin College to assist students to enter University after Year 12.
  • Our Year 12 students have been very successful in being offered a range of University places :

Monash University  16; Melbourne University 2; Deakin University  9; RMIT University 8; Ballarat  University 6; La Trobe University 5; Swinburne University 5; Australian Catholic University 4;Victoria University  4

  • The courses that our students were offered are:

Arts; Science; Arts/Science; Biological Science; Health Science; Applied Science; Engineering;Computing; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Teaching – Early Childhood/Primary/Secondary; Commerce; Accounting; Legal Practice; IT; Psychology; Photography; Physical Education; Sports Management.


For the flyer: International Student Information 

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Our team of enthusiastic teachers and students will assist the Director of International Programs, Ms Linda Yang with the orientation program.


蒙特尔仁中学(Mount Erin College) 是一所被政府认可的可接受和安排国际学生学习的学校。一系列社会,文化和教育经验是唯有这所只有850位学生的中学才能提供给国际学生的。这所中型中学能给国际学生提供更直接个人的教育方法。它周边兼具乡村与都市的环境特色使师生享受着轻松,安全和友善的校园生活。

蒙特尔仁中学和谐的学习环境和丰富的学习课程使本校的十二年级学生成绩在本区所有政府公立中学中名列第三。国际学生计划是本校整体计划的一方面。学校热诚接受国际学生的多样化与丰富的文化背景。蒙特尔仁中学距离莫乃殊大学(Monash University)—— 一所提供国际认可的课程和设备的现代化大学只有1.5 公里。

  • 学校座落在离墨尔本(Melbourne)市区一小时的海边城市Frankston
  •  学校能接受和安排任何愿意来校学习的国际学生。
  • 学校也提供机会给愿意学习英语和了解澳大利亚文化和生活的短期学习者。
  • 莫乃殊大学与本校的合作计划协助十二年级学生进入此名校继续学习。
  • 本校十二年级学生在2011年成功考进以下大学的人数:

Monash University 16; ; Melbourne University 2; Deakin University 9; RMIT University 8;

Ballarat University 6; La Trobe University 5; Swinburne University 5;

Australian Catholic University 4; Victoria University 4.

  • 主修专业如下:

艺术, 科学,艺术/ 科学,生物科学, 健康科学,应用科学,护理, 职业治疗,教师—-幼儿/小学/中学,国际商务, 会计, 法律, 信息技术, 心理学, 摄影艺术, 体育, 体育管理 等等。

  • 2011 年的十二年级VCE学生人数: 143
  • 依志愿考入高等教育机构学习的人数: 106
  • 第一轮即被录取的学生人数: 92 (占86.79%)

PDF: 给即将成为蒙特尔仁中学国际学生的信息