Sports Academy

UPDATE: Second Round Applications – Due Friday 3rd November 2017

Facilitating progress in student achievements through health, sport and academic excellence, our Sports Academy Program develops future leaders and positive role models in their chosen field.

We are delighted to invite students to apply to be part of our Sporting Academy. The College recognises a need to support students that are currently performing/playing sport at a National, State or representative level.

The Academy aims to maximise individual student’s sporting potential. The teachers and facilitators involved in the program recognise the need for students to balance their sport and training commitments with their academic studies.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria are considered essential to be selected for the Mount Erin Sports Academy:

Sporting Ability

  • Applicants must be performing at a representative level in their chosen sport and demonstrate the potential to play at an elite level,
  • Have a desire to enhance personal and team performance at a representative level,
  • Exhibit commitment to development.

Academic Achievement

  • Consistently achieving satisfactory results in all subject areas.
  • Yr 7-10 applicants must be performing at relevant VELS standard or above across all subject areas (consolidating).

Interpersonal Development

  • Attitude to learning must be positive across all subjects.
  • Will be expected to consistently demonstrate the College values of ASPIRE.

Social Awareness
Personal Best

Post hard copy forms to the school address or email forms with ‘Application & Candidate name’ to the ‘attention of the Sports Academy’ to