Year 7

Year 7 curriculum focuses on developing confident, secure students with a sense of belonging, and a keen thirst for knowledge and new skills.

Students spend most of their time in specialised learning areas with a dedicated team of teachers who are highly skilled in their subject areas, and who work together to engage students to develop life long learning skills and understand of the importance of planning and managing their time in order to achieve personal best.

Year 7 Curriculum Highlights

Year 7 Camp – Mount Erin College welcomes you into secondary school life as you meet other Year 7 students and get some great opportunities to interact with your new classmates and teachers.

World Cup integrated studies – Have you thought about the power of global sporting events such as the Olympics, World Cup Soccer or Cricket? Such major sporting events have the power to unite people across the world. This integrated unit explores how political and cultural differences are put aside as countries from all over the world follow the passion of sport.

Ancient Civilisations and Bushrangers Bay integrated studies – Explore the impact of ancient civilisations on your life today. Did you know that we live in a UNESCO Biosphere? Explore the importance of our local area.