Why learn a language?

In the future, students will live and work in an increasingly shrinking world. They may need to interact regularly with people from other countries, including online. Therefore, students will need to know languages other than English, as well as intercultural skills to deal respectfully and effectively with others.

What we learn to do in one language helps us with other languages we might encounter. This means that our first language and other languages work in partnership to strengthen and enrich our repertoire of literacy practices.

  • English is not enough.
  • 94% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language; 75% do not speak English at all.
  • It’s a multilingual world and Australian companies are now realising that knowledge of foreign languages is essential if they are to be competitive when trading internationally.
  • Learning about languages and different cultures also helps you to develop other skills which enhances the appearance of your CV.