Deaf Education Centre

The Mount Erin College Deaf Education Centre (DEC)  provides a supported, inclusive educational setting to guide and support students who have are deaf or hard of hearing. Our aim is that every student is given the opportunity to reach their potential and achieve their social, personal and educational goals.

Mount Erin College, which conducts the DEC for the Southern Metropolitan Region, has created an inclusive, accepting and well‐supported environment for Deaf students.

The benefits for Deaf students attending the Mount Erin DEC include:

  • Extensive transition assistance from Grade 6 to Year 7, plus Deaf awareness instruction for all Year 7 students.
  • Access to mainstream classes that have appropriate resources and staff to cater for individual needs.
  • Inclusion in and identification with the main college.
  • Access to specialist staff including the members of the Wellbeing and Welfare Team, speech pathologist and educational psychologist.
  • Student Support Programs to monitor progress and learning goals.
  • Support for parents to meet and share their experiences, plus opportunities to have guest speakers provide information about resources available to them.

A proud History

Mount Erin DEC (formerly Mount Erin Deaf Facility) was established in 1998 after two years of lobbying by parents of Deaf and hearing impaired students, who needed a local secondary school option on completion of their primary schooling.

Mount Erin DEC began with five students. Over its years of operation it has assisted more than 50 students, who have achieved a wide range of goals such as: gaining their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), going on to tertiary education, completion of Victorian Certificate of Applied Education (VCAL), taking up apprenticeships, and full‐time jobs.