The Music Department provides individual and group tuition for students wishing to learn an orchestral or band instrument.  All students are required to participate in one of the College bands as appropriate to their level of proficiency.

Mount Erin College supports three bands.  The Junior Band, for students in their first year of tuition, the Intermediate Band for students beyond their first year of tuition and the Senior Band for those who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency on their instrument.

The College also supports a Stage Band, which becomes the Production Band in production years, and numerous small ensembles such as the Saxophone Quartet, Brass Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Flute Ensemble.



French Horn

All of the instruments above are available for hire (availability will depend on student demand)

Percussion (not available for hire)
Drums (kit)
Tuned percussion (glockenspiel, marimba & xylophone)
Timpani (kettle drums)

Piano (not available for hire)

Electric Bass / Double Bass (not available for hire)


Learning Area Head & Woodwind Tuition: Peter Kaighin
Brass Tuition: Robert Krenn
Percussion Tuition: Kein Jenkin
Flute Tuition: Vivien Millar
Bass Tuition: Peter Kaighin
Director of Bands: Peter Kaighin

Further Musical Opportunities

For those students who wish to further develop their musical skills, the College encourages students to undertake Australian Music Examination Board Exams (AMEB). This is excellent preparation for students intending to undertake VCE Music Performance studies in Units 1 & 2 or Units 3 & 4.

Classroom Music

Mount Erin College offers a classroom band program as an elective for Year 7 students undertaking instrumental music lessons. Students participate in a weekly band rehearsal and also study music theory.

VCE Music

Mount Erin College offers senior music students the opportunity to study VCE Music Performance Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 in both Solo and Group Performance streams.  Many students undertake Units and 2 in Year 10 to enable them to take Units 3 and 4 Group Performance in Year 11 and Units 3 and 4 Solo Performance in Year 12.


Mount Erin College has one of the finest music facilities in the state school system.

  • Two teaching studios for individual and small group teaching
  • An office, together with ample storage for instruments and equipment
  • Access to music technology
  • Large rehearsal/concert area (air conditioned) to accommodate each of the College’s bands

Further information:

If you wish to discuss your child’s individual musical needs, please contact Peter Kaighin at Mount Erin College via email on