What you learn in class is only a portion of what school is about. We believe that every student should have numerous opportunities outside class time to challenge themselves; to explore and seek out interests and passions; to experience leadership; to learn as a team and build social and communication skills; to make friendships within different environments; to build impressive resumes; to be part of something extraordinary and to have a lot of fun.

We want students to develop a passion for learning in all areas, seek their personal best, get involved in the vibrant life of the College, and most of all to have a firm belief in themselves.

Our extensive co-curricular programs at Mount Erin College aim to nurture and extend all students by offering a wide range of educational experiences and challenges within a supportive and caring community. Co-curricular activities cover areas of sport, music, camps, leadership, academic interests and extension, career experiences, community service and visual & performing arts. Our well resourced Sports and Arts Academies have great benefit to all students, ensuring great facilities and a strong school spirit of being involved and taking on a challenge.

Our community extends beyond the walls of our school grounds and there are numerous opportunities for students to participate in external experiences, workshops, excursions, incursions, and programs relating to specific interest areas.

The value placed on encouraging students to choose and develop their skills outside usual teaching and learning mean that this area is a dynamic and changing one. The activities articulated here can also be seen and followed through the leadership opportunities page in the student section of the website, our school calendar, newsletters and daily bulletins.