Study VCE Auslan in 2013

Mount Erin College is offering VCE Auslan Unit 1 and Unit 2 in 2013.
When: Wednesday afternoons, from 4.30pm to 7.00pm.
For: Year 11 students across the Peninsula and other interested community members.
Contact: See Joanne Davis (LOTE AUSLAN Coordinator) at Mount Erin College or email for further information

Auslan VCE 2013What is Auslan?
A: Australian
S: Sign
Lan: Language

Australian Sign Language uses by Deaf people to communicate, using their two hands and facial expression. It is classed very clearly as a Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Curriculum, in the same way as studying VCE Italian, Indonesian, or French.

*History of the Language

*Learn various signs

*Signing songs

*Understand Deaf Culture

*Story telling :  Create your own story or use story from children book

*Cross Age tutoring with primary school students (Prep- Grade 1)

*Interactive conversation

*Visiting School for the Deaf (Kinder-Prep)

*Various games (using sign language)

*Meet Deaf Role Models

Outcome One:  interactive conversation about chosen topic eg: holiday, sport, family, school, social interest.
Outcome two: Individual presentation:  chosen topic of your choice.
Outcome Three:  Retelling story from observation (Deaf person telling story and you retell the story from a first person)

Homework: You are required to practice your language 30 min to one hour per night

You are require to bring plastic pocket folder, you can purchase dictionary if you wish.  All work outcomes will be submitted via recorded video or webcam on your netbook or computer.

FEES will apply to cover the cost for handouts and administration.